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With ERP systems, you can improve new products, make production, revise your products, you can manage sales directly or over your seller and you can manage after-sales operations. Even some of them or all of them can be done all together. Your success depends on both to meet customer demands and to use improvement systems. At this point, ERP Systems should assist you with the best support and flexibility.

After the Boing projects at the middle of 90’s, INFOR10 ERP Enterprise LN (new version of BAAN) started to be in front of the ERP market and began to take place in forefront of the software. INFOR10 ERP Enterprise LN, with the modules of logistic, finance and service is a powerfully developing tool and its performance monitoring function moreover offers a comprehensive ERP solution.

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INFOR10 EPR Enterprise LN, by the most leading independent rating agencies, is considered as the best ERP solution for production-oriented sectors. In additionally, because of INFOR10 ERP Enterprise LN is in accordance with the US GAAP and UFRS standards and also new Turkish Financial Regulations (TFRS), it is ready for financial and commercial relationships with the companies in the UE and US and financial terms of legislation structures.

As one of the world’s first running web-based ERP packages INFOR10 ERP Enterprise LN serves the easiest connections via java-enabled PC, PDA or cell phone or through the internet browsers, to be in chance to connect to the systems.

INFOR10 ERP Enterprise LN has great facilities to move to the new versions. With the add-on called as "Future Pack", you can get new features and facilities without interruption your processes and transactions. This brings the serious time and cost advantage.


INFOR10 ERP Enterprise LN supports his customers with:

- Improving operational efficiency - A better control on the processes

- Improving communication and cooperation – Development of measurability and performance

- To get full benefit from IT and infrastructure and information

- To reduce costs and wide range support for all manufacturing operations.

INFOR10 ERP Enterprise LN

INFOR10 ERP Enterprise LN can extend finance, sales, purchasing, manufacturing as main parts of traditional ERPs to transportation, warehousing and after-sales services.

Application and owning is easy. Most important feature is adaptation to different environments. With dynamic enterprise modeling, users can obtain processes immediately.

INFOR10 ERP Enterprise LN's supports different structures from low-cost Linux platforms to the multi-processor platforms and multi-indexed databases with flexibility.




• Bring flexibility and power to your business by new Turkish Commercial Code compliant and web based accounting applications.

• Elan finished implementation of infrustructure and moved its systems on virtual machines.

• As a partner of Oracle, Microsoft and Suse, Elan provides database and server programs for your company.

• We continue on-site trainings;

Elan System development trainings

Elan Financial trainings

Elan Logistics trainings

• We introduced Infor's solutions in Erp Area in Cebit.

• Our Document Management System is expanding.